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نعت کی خوشبو گھر گھر پھیلے

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The Hadaa’iq e Bakhshish English

As the Urs of Sayyidi Sarkar Aala Hazrat رضى اللّٰه عنه was approaching, I had many people ask me

‘What work is Hazrat (Mufti Afthab Cassim) working on’

And my response was just,

‘It is something big, you will love it’

I don’t think anyone would have expected just how big this work would actually be nor how much they would love it, but SubhanAllah there you have it

The Hadaa’iq e Bakhshish (Gardens of salvation) of Aala Hazrat رضى اللّٰه عنه translated into the English language in a poetic style.

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