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نعت کی خوشبو گھر گھر پھیلے

Balaghal Ula Lyrics

“Balaghal Ula” Lyrics:

كم عِشتُ والشوقُ بي I’ve always been longing,

أَهْوى حبيبي النبي In love with my Beloved Prophet

مُذْ كنتُ طفلاً صَبيّ Since I was a little child

قلبي و رُوحي فِداه May my heart and soul be sacrificed for his sake

بلغَ العُلا بكمالِه He attained exaltation by his perfection

كشفَ الدُجى بِجمالِه He dispelled darkness by his beauty

حَسُنَتْ جميعُ خِصالِه Beauteous are all his qualities

صلُّوا عليهِ و آلِه Benediction be on him and on his family

هو سيِّدي المُصْطفى He is my master, the Chosen One

هو قُدوَتي وكَفَى He is my role model and that’s enough for me

هو مَن غَدا ذِكْرهُ He is whose praise has become…

لَحنًا بِكلِّ الشِّفاهْ A melody on all lips


لَو مَرَّ في مَسْمَعِي Whenever I hear his name…

طه جرَتْ أَدْمُعِي “Taha”, my tears begin to flow

وَفَاضَ شَوْقِي لَهُ Ad my longing for him becomes more than I can bear

وَحَلَّ في أَضْلُعِي And (his love) nestles deep within my being

مَلأتَ قَلبي فِدا You filled my heart with sacrifice

وأَنَرْتَ دَرْبي هُدى And you lightened my path with your guidance

وكُنتَ لي سَيّدي You have always been for me, O my master…

نورًا أضاءَ المَدى A light that illuminates the furthest horizons


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